Crop Reports Every year during harvesting our field staff frequently visits fields to estimate crop quantity and quality under the climate conditions of that particular year. Based on projections and estimations periodic crop reports are prepared and adjust ourselves to changes in climate conditions to deliver high quality and competitively priced tobacco.

Inventory Our leaf sourcing team works closely with customers and helping them to take decisions by providing key inputs such as crop reports, market prices and stock inventories.

Our stock inventory is updated time to time which makes ourselves possible to offer all varieties of tobaccos thought the year.

Purchase We usually purchase tobacco at auction markets for the needs of our long-standing customers rather than against specific order or indication of upcoming needs. For requested customers we will purchase only after receiving orders. We also purchase on commission basis for certain customers.

› Auction System
Tobacco Board, which is an authorized government organization designed and introduced auction system (ref Zimbabwe) in 1984 for FCV tobacco farmers. Our buyers who are experts in differentiating hundreds of grades based on customer preference, participate in auction to purchase tobacco.

› Non Auction System
For Burley farmer there is no auction facility so we purchase burley tobacco directly from farmers or local entities that have arranged for purchase from farmers. Some times when fermentation is ordered by customers, we purchase entire crop at the time of harvest and will do curing and fermentation as per our customer requirement at our in-house production facilities.

Once tobacco is purchased, it moved to processing facilities immediately because unprocessed tobacco is a semi-perishable commodity so it must be processed within a relatively short period of time to prevent fermentation in quality.

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